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At Aidan, You’re More than a Username

You can rely on Aidan and feel good about hosting your client sites with us. We’re trustworthy, courteous, and professional.
You focus on what you do best, building great sites and treating your customers right. We’ll handle the back-end work, no need to worry!
Aidan specializes in making you look good.
We are very customer-service oriented. Whether it’s you or your end customer on the phone, we’ll provide prompt, professional help.
At Aidan, we can talk in plain English or get down and get geeky. You choose!
We provide a rich development environment. We also offer a full range of programming and customization services.
We’re here when you need us. No endless teleprompt menus, no waiting on hold. We guarantee 100% real, live people, or maybe voicemail, but we’ll call you back the same day. We promise. By email or phone, we’re here to help!



You’re in business to make other people look good. And to make that goal a reality, you need a hosting partner with the same outlook. You need your client sites to be up and running, with as few complications as possible. Sometimes you need custom configurations or programming. And occasionally, you just want to brainstorm an idea.

Hosting with large, volume-based companies just doesn’t work. Once you successfully navigate the phone system, you have to wait on hold, only to have your call answered by a representative with limited knowledge and even more limited customer service skills. Custom configurations? Even if you can get something extra, you’ll get nickel and dimed for each add on. And brainstorming an idea? Forget it.

At Aidan, we specialize in plain talk. When you contact us, you’ll get real, live people with experience and expertise. We’ll happily help you determine the right configurations for you clients, and suggest additional features that will enhance their sites. We’ll act as a true partner, helping you determine ways to save money, enhance your business, and more. Need something special? Just ask. We’re here to help.

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